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What you have seen online so far does not guarantee encryption of your phone calls. Most solutions are based on software, i.e. computer programs installed on cell phones. Unfortunately, such solutions are not secure.

We want to show you a time-tested solution that will allow you to make tap-proof phone calls. It’s a certified solution used by Angela Merkel’s government (the Federal Republic of Germany).

Both software and hardware systems are available worldwide. Our solution is based on hardware system that uses a specialized control device. The device stores data that is necessary to confirm encryption key, to exchange it and to generate a new one. Hardware systems are more secure than software systems, as it is not possible to swap their firmware. Moreover, installation of a software system on your mobile phone can cause risk of infection and damage of encryption system, malfunction risk and strong reliance on phone processor as it controls all operations. /the article about Angela Merkel/

We prefer hardware to software systems not only because software systems are flawed, but because… None of the armed forces in the world uses crypto phones based on software… Our solution is certified by NATO and the EU. It was tested by the Federal Office for Information Security in Germany (Bundesamt fur Siecherheit In der Informationstechnik). 

In August 2010 Reuters described our hardware encryption system in the context of Blackberry services (the last paragraph) /Reuters article/

The benefits of using micro-SD cards (hardware-based solution):
  • It’s impossible to swap, modify or damage their firmware.
  • Outsiders observing you will not notice that you are using a crypto phone.
  • If you give your phone away, have it repaired or replaced, just remove the SD card. No one will know what it is used for.
  • You can change phones, SIM cards and even mobile operators maintaining the continuity of phone calls encryption.
  • The system is not controlled by central government bodies and encryption keys are unique.
  • The open purchase order of this system by the central government administration in the Federal Republic of Germany confirms its functional quality – the article about Angela Merkel
  • The description in Reuters article proves the functional quality of the system (the last paragraph) - Reuters article

Our company offers the lowest price for the above-mentioned solution in the whole EU – € 3,112 gross per one phone. This kind of encryption always requires a pair of devices, i.e. to work properly the system must be installed on at least two phones.

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