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We have cooperated with local governments in the whole country for many years. We discreetly provide our services to mayors and community leaders. Whenever a political opponent or a hostile client visits you, you wonder if your office is still yours after they left. Too many institutions are allowed to eavesdrop on anyone according to the current legal system in the EU.

Despite the transparency of local government actions, it is good to know what is happening around us. Despite the open nature of local government work, you should not allow anybody to eavesdrop on your conversations with your coworkers. 

Apart from doing everyday work for the local community, you should make sure your office is a secure workspace. Counter surveillance devices will inform you about information leak. Wiretap detectors provide effective protection. Crypto phones provide the town council with work comfort. Every attempt to discredit a local politician starts with wiretapping.

A laser camera detector can detect whether we are being recorded (the cheapest cameras cost only € 10). Please remember that the cheapest wiretap costs € 8. Anybody can afford it. The question is how many people are capable of turning it on. Electronic devices can successfully detect surveillance transmitters and in consequence provide high-ranking officials with work comfort in their offices. There is no doubt that the government offices that have such devices are not susceptible to any persuasive methods used by lobbies.  It is of utmost importance in everyday work of every official.

You may think that only people who have something on their conscience are eavesdropped on. Nonetheless, we must not allow any dishonest people to install listening devices in our own office and to ruin our established reputation by doing so.

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listening devices detecting services

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