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If you are here, your problem is serious. The uncertainty whether there is a bug planted in your office or not is nothing compared to the fact that even if you do not find any surveillance devices, there will be one some day.  

At first security systems were based on locks. Then a security guard, video monitoring, alarm systems and even electronic protection systems were introduced. It’s coming to the point where there is no need to break into a company to steal information. It is enough to pass it by. Excessive security measures are not necessary. However, you cannot ignore the potential problem. We equip companies with our devices and we train the staff thoroughly in how to use them. After a year we check on the staff. Our solutions last about 10 years.

Since 2003 when we began our scientific research activity, we have NEVER had any complaints about our devices. A talk with us will solve many of your problems. You can find more information in the articles section where we discuss the problem of industrial espionage in detail. Perhaps the training for the senior management in your company would be enough to defend it against aggressive competitors. Contact us for more information.

Please remember that thanks to surveillance broadly conceived it is possible to:

  • steal business plans 
  • steal secret manufacturing processes 
  • steal financial information
  • steal classified information relating to national security 
  • steal confidential information concerning a company’s owner and a board of directors
  • beat opponents at their own game
  • blackmail somebody
  • rob people of their property
  • plan a robbery
  • take over the market
Yet you should and you can fight against all of the above-mentioned illegal activities successfully with our help.
Direct Contact to the President Peter Zajaczkowski / +48 601 81 88 72
listening devices detecting services

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