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We protect intellectual property by ensuring secrecy and confidentiality of information.

The Agency secures technological and economic data of companies. It prevents chicanery and fraud. It secures confidentiality of business activities in the selected area. The Agency protects company owners, managers, mayors, directors of departments, and even tax office management against industrial espionage and surveillance.

To protect confidential information, ABI (Agencja Bezpieczeństwa Informacji – Information Security Agency) provides sophisticated control devices to detect listening devices and micro-cameras and to inform a company owner about surveillance. We offer bug and micro-camera detectors as well as other counter-surveillance equipment of the best quality. Thanks to reasonable prices, information security services offered by our company are the norm rather than a luxury.

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Since its launch in 2003 the company has been operating successfully on the European market. Currently, we operate in 22 European countries. Our regular clients appreciate our discretion and effectiveness in particular. We act swiftly thanks to the presence of an airfield in Czechowice-Dziedzice. Travelling by fast means of transport, we are able to reach our clients in no time on request.


the President Piotr Zajączkowski, MSE

Information gives power

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listening devices detecting services

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+48 601 81 88 72
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