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Information security training – worldwide unique

No one except us offers such a training commercially. The training is intended only for the senior management. It is more practical rather than theoretical. The training takes place on site and it is designed for up to 20 people.

The training is necessary when: 

  • You want to get a promotion, but you are afraid of competition. 
  • Information is valuable and you feel that somebody tries to ruin your reputation. 
  • You want to get into new markets, but price, quality and availability do not matter any longer when you are under surveillance. 

The aim of the training is to teach you how to recognize threats and to verify hidden employment periods. You will learn how to detect listening devices on your own and how to identify spies in your company. We will also explain you how to avoid being blackmailed or terrorized. We will provide you with the MOSSAD’s advice on how to win the free market game. We will show you how your competitors may spy on your company representatives during fairs and business trips. We will reveal how risky it is to see you clients in your office. We will teach you how to recognize a social engineering attack… We will analyse the most effective of FBI counter surveillance methods.

The training program covers the following issues:

  • Listening devices as a means of surveillance 
  • What is the aim of keeping an enterprise under surveillance?
  • The extent of industrial espionage in the EU and global problems concerning information security
  • Extortion and persuasion towards company’s management
  • Government surveillance
  • Government administration’s stand on economic terrorism
  • The Mossad’s advice for managers – how to win the free market game and not to get outplayed 
  • Counter surveillance devices 
  • Meetings with clients – the risks of being a high-ranking official (chicanery methods)
  • Ruthlessness of foreign intelligence services
  • Competition spying on company representatives during business trips
  • How a social engineer spies on a company - examples
  • Security methods against social engineering attacks
  • Methods of stealing company strategic information through phones 
  • How economic terrorists work
  • How your competitors take your customers away from you - stratagem
  • The procedures of protecting yourself against industrial espionage – FBI methods
  • Who are the spies in your company – identification methods
  • The NSA’s ECHELON system – how the top secret intelligence project works – when tender details are no longer confidential 

The training costs € 1,500 gross.

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