Listening devices and micro-cameras detecting services

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Listening devices and micro-cameras detecting services

We sweep offices for wiretaps on request. Our prices rank among the lowest on the market. We do not charge by square metre. The price depends on the number of rooms to be inspected. Our prices are attractive as we provide our services on a mass scale in the whole EU.

The price of one office inspection is € 500 gross. 

For foreign clients who have an EU VAT identification number we provide services at net price, i.e. 23% less.

What distinguishes us from other companies in the market is that we do not charge for travel costs. We set the minimum order to 3 rooms. It balances our travel expenses. The price for an office inspection does not depend on its surface area. We cannot discriminate against those company owners who have big conference rooms and who want to feel secure during business negotiations and meetings. 

Please note: we offer our services only to companies, offices and other enterprises that have a Tax Identification Number (TIN). We do not provide our services to private individuals.

The price includes: 

  • detection of analog transmitters
  • detection of digital transmitters
  • detection of wired and wireless cameras and micro-cameras
  • detection of listening devices installed on a telephone line
  • advice on how to protect mobile phones against wiretapping 
  • offer of data encryption on PCs and laptops 
  • advice on the purchase of lasting information security solutions 

We have solutions that we apply to sweep offices repeatedly in different frequency bands. These solutions are also used by the intelligence services in the United States. During an inspection we will show you how our devices work so that you can get a good grasp of the subject matter.

At the end of each meeting after conducting a bug sweep with sophisticated electronic devices we use an endoscope to search every corner once again. Very few companies sweep offices in the above-mentioned aspects. We act very discreetly. Products descriptions on an invoice are vague, e.g. video monitoring. Our prices are reasonable. It results in our broad business connections. Many of our clients are so delighted with our solutions that they decide to buy our devices. After each inspection we always suggest lasting office security systems. We truly care about our mission. Satisfied customers give us word-of-mouth recommendations and therefore our company has successfully operated from Lisbon to Warsaw since 2003.

Direct Contact to the President Peter Zajaczkowski / +48 601 81 88 72
listening devices detecting services

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+48 601 81 88 72
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