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Office counter surveillance devices

To protect senior management offices we use counter surveillance devices. They are not bug detectors. They will not show you where a transmitter is. Their task is to discreetly alert of information leak. Electronic security is provided 24 hours a day without your clients knowledge. If you want to know where precisely the bug is, it will be necessary to use a bug detector.

The device will alert you of:

  • an analog or digital listening device being activated in the protected office
  • an analog or digital listening device being carried into the protected office
  • your client’s cell phone being activated to be used as a listening device without your knowledge 
  • a mobile phone microphone being activated in order to eavesdrop on your conversation without your knowledge
The device relieves you of frequent office counter-surveillance inspections. Such investigations are necessary only when the device raises the alarm.


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listening devices detecting services

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