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Ordering services and devices

Please contact us in Polish, English or German.

Please send us an email with your address and the suggested number of rooms to be inspected. After confirming the order, we will set the price and the completion date. We will try to reach you within 48 to 72 hours, except holidays.

The minimum order contains three rooms, i.e. 3 x € 500 = € 1500 gross. The purchase of services and equipment at net prices is possible if you have an EU VAT number. In that case the price is 23%  lower.

We reach our clients in every location within the German speaking countries. Travelling costs are included in the price. 

The purchase of the devices (office counter surveillance devices and others) as well as the selection of models should be carried out on site. It is not recommended to buy such devices online because they may not work properly in certain locations due to interference. We can make a deal only when we select the appropriate devices on site. We also provide you with the training on how to use the devices on the day of purchase. 

In practice, it is best to commission our company to inspect your office first and then to decide on the purchase of the devices. We will bring all the devices we have in our offer to our meeting so that you can see how they work.

Direct Contact to the President Peter Zajaczkowski / +48 601 81 88 72
listening devices detecting services

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+48 601 81 88 72
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