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Why we are the best

We focus exclusively on information security. We do not waste our energy on personal property security, debt collection or private investigations. Everyone should be an expert in their field.

A sentence borrowed from the Mossad says:

"It is better to be a master of one task in a team whose members are perfect in doing other tasks than to try doing everything on your own. The result of the latter would be mediocrity in all tasks and a lack of mastery. Mediocrity neither leads to success nor lasts long.”

Focusing solely on information security, we constantly strive after perfection. 

In the first years of our business activity, the Agency trained senior management officers in how to prevent information theft. Our company is well-known among journalists and TV reporters. We are not aware of any other company that is invited to give interviews on information security (see Our interviews on television, Our press releases).

Since 2003 we have had no complaints about defects of the devices we sell. Each device works for many hours before being handed over to our customer. We never leave our customers in the lurch. At the appointed time we visit our customers and see if they deal properly with the devices. We are not a trading company. Our solutions are not commercial designs. We apply redesigns that improve work and the quality of surveillance detection. The devices available online detect bugs, but unfortunately they also detect current flow in wires inside the walls, active computers or fluorescent lights. Remain level-headed. Contact us, your peace of mind is our priority.

If, however, you decide to have your office inspected for wiretaps, make sure that our competitors detect all types of listening devices and micro-cameras in the price of their services. Our services are comprehensive. We do not charge by square metre. The price depends on the number of rooms to be inspected. (See Bug-detection services).

We are the market leader in the field of GSM security and encryption. Our solutions are certified (see Services / Crypto phones).

It is not a coincident that our central office is located in Poland. This is the place where the West meets the East. And here we have the most work to do. We support companies from the old EU countries in the large and dynamic market of East-Central Europe.

Please contact us via email to receive a sales quote, available in English, Polish and German.

Direct Contact to the President Peter Zajaczkowski / +48 601 81 88 72
listening devices detecting services

+48 32 21 461 17
+48 601 81 88 72
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